Cetera Financial Group, one of America’s largest networks of financial professionals, announced today that Advanced Time Segmentation® (ATS), a retirement income-planning tool that helps solve the retirement income challenge, is available to financial professionals across Cetera’s communities. ATS is only available to Cetera-affiliated financial professionals and is part of the Growth360 program, which launched last year and recently eclipsed 1,000 participants.

ATS enables financial professionals to create sustainable retirement income strategies and help clients who are planning for retirement as well as retirees seeking a more sophisticated retirement income approach.

“We are pleased to provide Cetera-affiliated financial professionals yet another powerful tool that empowers better client service and drives business growth,” said Andy Gill, head of strategy and solutions at Cetera. “ATS delivers a concrete solution to a traditionally daunting challenge for financial professionals – helping their clients generate sustainable, lifetime income. We are excited that Cetera financial professionals have access to this valuable resource to help create the retirement outcomes their clients desire.”

Financial professionals using ATS are outpacing their peers in business growth, as measured by a subset of Cetera-affiliated financial professionals. Those using ATS report growing their assets under management by 41 percent and their assets under administration by 27 percent year over year, compared to 28 percent and 20 percent, respectively, for those not using ATS.

“ATS is a compelling resource that provides an understandable story, helping financial professionals differentiate themselves from the competition,” said Paul Escudero, CFP®, CWS®, Director, Advanced Time Segmentation®. “Financial professionals using ATS are retirement income experts who are well equipped to calm clients’ fears of running out of money in retirement. We are proud to partner exclusively with Cetera to provide retirement income expertise to the marketplace at a time when it is needed most.”

“Managing a client’s retirement income has always been one of the greatest challenges facing an advisor,” said financial professional Jennifer Scholfield, of Scholfield Wealth Management, Inc. “Using the ATS strategy, we have transformed the way we acquire new clients and it has helped us to secure our existing client relationships.”

Financial professionals should click here for more information about how to implement ATS in their practice. Investors should click here for more information about ATS and how it can help solve the retirement income challenge.

About Cetera Financial Group®
Cetera Financial Group (Cetera) is a leading financial services firm whose purpose is to enable the delivery of best-in-class financial advice to as many Americans as possible. Cetera empowers its financial professional communities to help clients achieve their version of financial wellbeing through the Advice-Centric Experience®. Cetera proudly serves independent financial professionals, tax professionals, banks and credit unions in providing wide-ranging financial planning and wealth management services.

Cetera oversees approximately $353 billion in assets under administration and $122 billion in assets under management, as of December 31, 2021.

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“Cetera Financial Group” refers to the network of independent retail firms encompassing, among others, Cetera Advisors LLC, Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, Cetera Investment Services LLC (marketed as Cetera Financial Institutions or Cetera Investors), Cetera Financial Specialists LLC, and First Allied Securities, Inc. All firms are members FINRA/SIPC. Located at: 655 W. Broadway, 11th Floor, San Diego, CA  92101

Individuals affiliated with Cetera firms are either Registered Representatives who offer only brokerage services and receive transaction-based compensation (commissions), Investment Adviser Representatives who offer only investment advisory services and receive fees based on assets, or both Registered Representatives and Investment Adviser Representatives, who can offer both types of services.

About Advanced Time Segmentation® (ATS)
Advanced Time Segmentation® (ATS) is an immediate or future retirement income strategy. ATS uses a segmented approach that, at its core, matches a client’s assets with their liabilities (i.e., income needs).  The ATS strategy draws upon years of academic research and mathematic calculations to address three important retirement facets. The strategy addresses retirement income needs, future inflation concerns, and addresses the overall risk of each client’s unique situation.

To generate these customized strategies, ATS utilizes a proprietary financial planning software exclusive to Cetera Financial Group advisors.

SOURCE Cetera Financial Group