A black customer in Corona, California, has filed a civil rights lawsuit alleging that employees of a newly opened Raising Cane’s restaurant mocked him for being “black” and ordering extra, extra crispy chicken. According to Darius Bell, a young African-American man, employees of Raising Cane’s openly discussed his “color” and laughed at his order. When Bell asked to see their manager, the employees ignored him and took off their name tags, according to Bell. Raising Cane’s is a national fast-food chain with more than 500 locations that specializes in chicken fingers. “I hate to see things like this continue to happen in our community,” said Bell. “This is why we are not going to let this one just blow over our heads.” According to Bell’s attorney, Arthur Kim: “All of us should remember what Dr. King said, that we should live in a nation where we are judged by the content of our character, not the color of our skin. We demand that Raising Cane’s take steps to ensure that all of its customers are treated like one family.” Bell is represented by Arthur Kim of Arthur Kim Law Firm in Beverly Hills and Palm Springs, California. The case is Darius Bell v. Raising Cane’s Restaurants, LLC (Riverside Superior Court Case No. CVRI2200896).

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