NEW YORK, NY, March 10, 2023, Novus Newswire – CGrowth Capital Inc. is a public Mergers and Acquisition Company focused on disrupting the sports & lifestyle sectors through the acquisition and consolidation of disruptive technology, sports and lifestyle businesses. Under its new management, CGRA has been focused on setting strong foundations in preparation for aggressive growth.

In order to deliver scalable and sustainable growth, it is important that CGRA lays a solid foundation. The company has therefore been busy implementing its banking, infrastructure, reporting, administration, accounting, branding, marketing, and core back-office procedures and personnel. This positions the company to attract top management talent and provides the platform for access to capital and from which it can grow and continue towards becoming SEC reporting. We are pleased to say that CGRA will have most of these foundations in place by the end of March 2023, enabling the company to launch into delivering its vision.

CGRA launched its new website this week ( While the website is still in its infancy, it provides a good representation of where the company is heading. The website will grow as the acquired companies are added and the new board members join during the following weeks and months. The company is also currently recruiting to grow its marketing team.

CGRA has officially hired its first four board members which will be announced and updated onto the website in the coming week. During April, the company is also expecting to announce its distinguished new Chief Executive Officer.

The company has already carried out its first acquisition, that of Savage Barbell, a profitable USA leader in the functional fitness apparel sector. CGRA intends to expand the Savage Barbell brand globally and further expand its range of high-quality apparel into other sports, aligning with the company’s acquisition strategy.

In a significant move, CGRA is currently aligning itself for the acquisition of a new and prominent Boxing company with which Interim CGRA CEO, Nicolas Link, has involvement. The boxing company already has fifty world class fighters contracted around the globe, including several current and future world champions and several gold medal Olympians. This business would create a significant platform and marketing channel for CGRA’s subsidiaries to gain huge global exposure and grow their revenues as a result. The viewership and revenue of combat sports, in particular boxing, are growing rapidly. This is demonstrated by the huge “fight nights” that have been televised in recent years, where in several cases, a single fight has generated hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars. With its stable of current world champions and gold medal Olympians, this company could be extremely well positioned to rapidly enhance CGRA’s growth trajectory. CGRA is confident that it can complete this acquisition at the appropriate time, which it expects to be in the very near future once the boxing company has completed the appropriate consolidation and organizational re-structuring.

CGRA is also negotiating four further acquisitions. Frustratingly, the previously mentioned technology acquisition is taking slightly longer than anticipated due to some hurdles uncovered during the Due Diligence. The company is however confident that these will be overcome in the short to medium-term and is looking forward to closing this deal as soon as possible.

As the global markets head into a recession or certainly into challenging times, this benefits CGRA’s strategy. In a recession, people do not go out as often and spend more time at home watching sports which presents opportunities at all levels for CGRA. Sport in general is a $500 billion market that touches almost every person’s life in some way,  regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, wealth, or location, and this presents a huge opportunity which CGRA is planning to seize. The company is taking major steps and structuring itself towards becoming a global player in the sports and lifestyle sectors.

Interim CEO, Nicolas Link, said: “While we are a couple of weeks behind where we would like to be, the time spent now to get the basics right will be worth it in the future. CGRA is evolving and snow balling into potentially a far greater business opportunity than we had originally anticipated. I’m looking excitedly forward to the management team all being on board and speeding up the rollout.”

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