SAINT PAUL, Minn. – March 17, 2023, Novus Newswire, Early this morning, Drop Pilot unveiled the buyer registration for Drop Day, a once-a-month event where several brands drop their new products simultaneously. This month’s Drop Day will begin on March 24, 2023, and features a variety of companies offering cutting-edge apparel, health and wellness products, mystery boxes, and the latest in food and beverage. Buyers wishing to participate in Drop Day can register by visiting:

“Our goal with Drop Day is to build long-term partnerships with up-and-coming brands by providing a central location for them to showcase their latest ideas and conduct price discovery. Businesses use our technology to conduct a limited release of new products they are working on and learn what the market is willing to pay for them,” says Mr. Sullivan Brooks, a Drop Pilot cofounder. “Pricing based on cost-plus margin guesswork or expensive consultants is a thing of the past. The future of pricing is for brands to use our technology and have their customers determine the price their products are worth.”

Drop Pilot is an online marketplace where businesses can drop their newest products directly to customers. Businesses use Drop Pilot to conduct a limited release of new products and learn how much consumers are willing to pay before selling the products through other channels. Consumers use Drop Pilot to pay less than they bid on everything. The platform operates on proprietary technology that guarantees consumers will either pay less than they bid or get their money back.

To learn more about how Drop Pilot works, please visit:

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