DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, March 10, 2023, Novus Newswire — Dubai Customs, the leading government organization that facilitates smooth movement of legitimate trade and leverages economic and social development, which is consistent with its slogan stating “Gateway to Dubai’s Prosperity” set first time future ready digital transformation by hosting their Directorial General Board meeting with IT Department in Metaverse (in Arabic) . DC also emphasizes innovation, and digital adoption with a mission to protect society and sustain economic development through compliance, facilitation and innovation.

Dubai Customs is keen to keep pace of the digital transformation witnessed by the United Arab Emirates in all spheres. With that in mind, Dubai Customs decided to explore innovation in Emerging technology like metaverse and web 3.0 solutions. IFQ Technologies, the leading Metaverse provider, executed this idea and shook hands with Dubai customs in delivering this prestigious project.

Hosting such a meeting in the Metaverse can offer a unique and engaging experience for participants. The metaverse is a virtual world that allows users to interact with each other in a shared space, and it can be designed to mimic real-world settings, such as conference rooms or boardrooms. “It was equally challenging and exciting for us to deliver this project in a very short span of time. The main challenge was to deliver the experience completely in Arabic and that was amazingly done by our technology experts and project team”, says Shinoj Sebastian, the Founder and Chief Information Officer of IFQ Technologies.

DC and IFQ are exploring range of possibilities in the Metaverse space towards improving border management, facilitating trade, and enhancing customs services.

CIO of Dubai customs Younis Othman says ” The use of Metaverse provided a unique unconventional experience that helped engaging participants and enhancing the overall effectiveness of the meeting, as it added an extra layer of understanding that traditional PowerPoint presentations may not provide.
The dedication to delivering a high-quality presentation has truly paid off, and we look forward to seeing what we can achieve next. For that, we’d like to thank IFQ Technologies for their dedication and for making this first-of-a-kind experience possible.
We look forward to exploring the potentials of Metaverse and immersive technologies for future projects, events and meetings. ”

Dubai Customs is looking forward to bringing more innovative ideas and experience in operational aspects that add value to the organization and the country using future ready technologies like Metaverse . ” I feel really proud and thankful to Dubai customs for entrusting us to deliver this most prestigious digital journey with us . By leveraging the unique features of the metaverse, customs agencies can enhance their services and improve their efficiency, ultimately benefiting international trade and commerce” – says the Founder and CEO of IFQ technologies HE. Amb. Dr. Isha Farha Quraishy.

Metaverse has a range of use cases like to create virtual border control checkpoints, where travellers and logistics could go through virtual customs procedures before crossing the physical border. This could reduce wait times and enhance the efficiency of border control operations. Virtual Trade Shows and Conferences, Virtual Customs Services and Virtual Supply Chain Management allowing customs agencies to track shipments, inspect goods, and facilitate international trade more efficiently are some of the other areas, IFQ technologies has been exploring to bring to reality for Dubai Customs .

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