HAMBURG, GERMANY, March 20, 2023, Novus Newswire — Interactive LED Floor-Wall Combination at Leyard
In hall 3, partner Leyard presented an interactive LED installation consisting of an L-shaped floor and wall surface. As an application for this special format a virtual pinball game was used, which was developed on the basis of eyefactive’s multitouch software technology. The interactive game could be controlled by human players using their feet. Additionally, different apps of the eyefactive touchscreen software platform were presented on a 65’’ multitouch display by Planar.

Interactive Signage in large format at Displax
Partner Displax also showed its display solutions in Hall 3, including an interactive video wall based on Displax Tiles with LCD technology. Various apps from the eyefactive touchscreen software platform were used here to demonstrate both the multi-touch and multi-user capabilities of large-scale interactive digital signage solutions.

No-Code Interactive Signage Software Platform
All apps of the eyefactive software platform can be customized using a no-code content management system and run on different hardware devices such as large format multitouch displays, video walls, tables or kiosk terminals.


Matthias Woggon
eyefactive GmbH