SYDNEY and SAN FRANCISCOMarch 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Workforce intelligence platform Reejig has launched in the US following a $21 Million Series A funding, led by Skip Capital, headed by Kim Jackson and Atlassian co-founder Scott Farquhar as well as Airtree Ventures, and Culture Amp’s Didier Elzinga, which closed out at $21 million after its funding partners almost tripled their initial investment. As part of the company’s first strategic move since funding, Reejig has appointed global talent leader Jonathan Reyes, as a work futurist to spearhead growth in the US. Reyes is Reejig’s first major hire in the US after its funding, and being recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the AirTree Ventures portfolio.

“It’s clear that the world has been waiting for a longer-term solution to allow organizations to create engaged and agile workforces, and importantly a way to support their people in building meaningful careers, said Siobhan Savage, CEO and co-founder of Reejig.  “We’re incredibly thankful to share this business journey with our funding partners who also truly believe in our zero wasted potential mission and creating a better world of work. Our team is experiencing hyper-growth and we’re so excited for the next chapter.”

Reejig is a workforce intelligence platform that provides businesses with an understanding of their employee’s skills, potential, passions and experiences, creating a powerful central nervous system for all talent decisions. “Reejig is not only one of the fastest-growing companies in the AirTree portfolio, but its revenue growth is also best in class globally for a SaaS company of its size,” said Elicia McDonald, AirTree Ventures Partner. “Reejig has had a phenomenal year of growth; a testament to the quality of the product, the exceptional team they’re building and the market demand for a workforce intelligence platform focused on zero wasted potential in the most competitive talent market we’ve ever seen.”

An industry-shaper who will educate top US companies on Reejig’s new world of work, Reyes brings 20-year’s experience growing leading teams in technology and banking organizations across the US, ANZ, UK and Latin America. He was previously the Global Head of Talent Mobility & Talent Acquisition Operations at Uber and led talent acquisition roles with Commonwealth Bank and IBM. Reyes will be based in the Silicon Valley and will be responsible for driving Reejig’s expansion into the US market and building a best-in-class team of local professionals to grow the platform’s customer base.

“I am so pleased to welcome Jonathan to the Reejig team,” continued Savage.” Over the past year, we’ve been pulled to the US and have grown exponentially. So, it makes sense for us to have an exceptional leader on the ground. We have big plans to grow our team in the US and I look forward to working with JR to deliver some amazing results for our new and emerging clients.”

For Reyes, the opportunity to shift the way organizations view talent has been his driving motivation over the past two decades and is set to shape his work with Reejig.

“Seeing the effect of diversity, a talent first lens and prioritizing people has helped me transform the way organizations approach achieving their goals. Reejig takes this opportunity and revolutionizes the way we have solved talent problems in our industry. Technology has transformed so many other industries so it’s incredibly exciting to see it happen in HR with Reejig,” he said.

Reyes also commented on the trends and tailwinds pushing Reejig into the US and other global markets, and how in the US and abroad, organizations were recognizing the value of talent through the Great Resignation phenomenon.

“Many enterprise-scale businesses are losing good people and are feeling the business impact of this brain and culture drain. It’s not a coincidence that a clearer understanding of talent’s value is leading to increased technology investment,” he added.

“Borderless hiring is another recently accelerated shift that’s changing the way businesses design roles, approach and acquire talent. The right talent could be located anywhere, but in a world where most people are working remotely most of the time, it suddenly feels more accessible.”

Reejig works globally with clients including AWS, KPMG, Allianz and more. For more information visit

About Reejig: 
Reejig is a workforce intelligence platform that provides an unparalleled understanding of your people’s skills, potential, passions and experiences, creating a powerful central nervous system for all your talent decisions. Founded in 2019, it works with the largest and most complex organizations around the world on their mission towards zero wasted potential.

Reejig integrates with your existing tech stack, aggregating your people data and enriching it with public data to create live and dynamic skills profiles for all. With over 400 million career paths mapped, Reejig understands how skills relate to jobs, people and courses, giving you 100% visibility over all the skills a person has – everything from their current skills and competence level, to predicting skill adjacencies and where their skills gaps lie.

Reejig’s independently audited, Ethical Talent AI uses this skills intelligence to help your teams instantly fill roles, track retention risks, mobilize talent to opportunities, pivot talent for reskilling and much more.

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About the Founders: 
Siobhan Savage, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder 
Siobhan is an award-winning workforce strategist obsessed with developing inclusive workforce intelligence and designing meaningful careers at scale. For almost two decades, Siobhan worked across the UK, IrelandMiddle EastSouth East AsiaChinaAustralia and New Zealand, delivering the workforce behind some of Australia’s largest projects including the Melbourne Metro, Roy Hill, W2B and Sydney Metro.

Mike Reed, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder 
Mike is a highly accomplished technology leader with almost 30 years’ global experience in software engineering, cyber security and privacy combined with commercial operations and corporate strategy for market-leading organizations across diverse industries. He has published and presented internationally on data security and the intersection between people, policy and technology in security architecture.

Dr Shujia Zhang, Chief Data Scientist and Co-founder 
With a PhD in machine learning, Shujia is an industry-recognized data scientist. She has more than 10 years’ experience delivering complex projects in machine learning, data mining, deep artificial neural networks and graph modelling. Her mission is to help organizations harness the power of ethical and humane technology to find and move talent, accelerate progress in gender balance and shape the workforces of the future.

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