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Numem Announces Series A Funding Led by Cambium Capital to Propel Memory Solutions for AI and IoT

Numem Inc., a leading provider of NuRAM MRAM Memory and SmartMem SOC IP cores and Chiplets which are revolutionizing power consumption in AI systems from edge nodes to servers, celebrates a significant milestone. The firm has secured a robust Series A funding round, with investments from Cambium Capital and Doorga Capital.


This influx of capital will accelerate the evolution and rollout of its pioneering MRAM memory products and its patented SmartMem SOC subsystem, addressing the burgeoning AI/Generative AI and IoT landscapes, and initiate the introduction of an innovative line of SmartMem SOC Chiplets/Chips.


With the AI/Smart Systems realm expanding exponentially, the availability of memory solutions that merge power, performance, and size has never been more critical. Numem is positioned at this juncture, set to redefine industry standards with its groundbreaking AI-centric solutions.


The Numem Edge

  • Low Power NuRAM delivers 20x-290x lower leakage power and 10-30x lower standby power, a game-changer for AI processing from intelligent edge IoT to Data Centers .
  • Small Area NuRAM is 2-3x smaller than traditional SRAM enabling to reduce memory size or pack more memory density in the same area, thereby reducing power hungry external DRAM memory access (~60x higher power).
  • Performance Setting it apart from the competition, NuRAM operates 2-5x faster with significantly lower dynamic power than most MRAM/RRAM on the Reads and up to 500x faster on the Writes. NuRAM also boasts a staggering 100x better Endurance.
  • Ease of use: NuRAM integrates a complete Memory Management & Control which makes use of the memory as simple as an SRAM by taking care of all the necessary steps to operate the memory. It also integrates a comprehensive  that enables to simplify device bringup and testing.
  • SmartMem SOC Subsystem extends some the above advantages to other persistent memories including other MRAM, RRAM/ReRAM, PCRAM and even embedded/external Flash. It also enables to provide ease-of-use and optimization for memory operation and testing.
    • SmartMem SOC functions can be integrated in NuRAM as SOC Compute in Memory along with some DSP/AI Processing Accelerator” compute functions.

“The rise of AI/Generative AI, Autonomous Driving and Smart IoT/embedded applications demand a significant increase in compute and memory capabilities,” stated Bill Leszinske, Operating Partner at Cambium Capital and Numem Board Member. “Numem’s IP building blocks and chiplets are enabling advanced memories like MRAM/RRAM to enable new levels of performance and ultra-low power for these new workloads.”


Jack Guedj, Numem CEO, said, “We are delighted to partner with Cambium Capital, an entity deeply rooted in cutting-edge, Deep Tech with a rich understanding of the AI and memory sectors.”


About Numem

Numem, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, is the leading provider of advanced SOC Compute in Memory IP Cores based on its patented NuRAM (MRAM), and SOC IP Cores and Chiplets based on its patented, SmartMem technologies. Numem NuRAM provides an excellent SRAM and Flash alternative for SoC Designers/ Architects with 2.5x smaller area and >20x lower leakage power than SRAM.


Numem SmartMem provides an end-to-end solution that is disrupting the semiconductor industry by enabling ultra-low power, high-performance integration of persistent memory for a variety of memory types including: Numem NuRAM, other MRAM, RRAM/ReRAM, PCRAM, and embedded and standalone Flash.


Numem’s IP Cores and Chiplets enable Customers to substantially reduce system power and speed up time to market for a wide range of applications including IoT/Wearables, AI/Generative AI, Digital Security/Cameras, Autonomous Vehicle and Data Center applications. Visit our website at or contact us at



Koji Motomori

Sr. Director of Business Development