Simply Token Announces Launch of Analysis Platform for Cryptocurrencies

The helpful tool will be available for users before the end of the year, seeking to save investors from rugpulls and scams.

A Growing Market

The cryptocurrency industry continues to grow steadily. Hundreds of new projects are launched on the market every day, attracting the attention of many investors eager to be part of the beginning of a new potential gem.

The Simply platform will launch before the end of 2021 (December) and is intended to help simplify the analysis of new projects and the pre-sale of new tokens, thus making it easier for investors to search for potential gems.

After the massive scams that have occurred in the world of cryptocurrencies such as “Squid Game Token”, the Simply development team, part of the UrGaming ecosystem, has decided to create a platform to help differentiate good projects from those that could become scams. This helps investors who, due to ignorance, tend to fall for these scams. Simply seeks to help investors avoid the painful loss of capital that this entails.

“The Simply platform will have a simple and powerful analysis that users will be able to read in no more than 5 minutes about each project, where we will analyze important points about the technological contract of the token, analysis of the businesses, an exhaustive analysis of the composition of the token and also of its work team, in order to help with quality information and in simple words those who want to break through in the investment of new projects,” the Simply development team has stated.

When is the Launch and Where to Buy?

The launch is scheduled for the last week of December and the token is now available for purchase on PancakeSwap and also listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Additionally, Simply is giving away a Premium account for the platform to the first 10,000 users registered on its website. This account will allow users to view an unlimited project analysis every month, while non-Premium accounts will have a monthly limit.

This platform will be a great tool for those who want to be part of the world of cryptocurrencies.

About the Company

Simply is part of the UrGaming ecosystem, a company dedicated to the development platforms for the cryptocurrency market, as well as for the gaming community. The development team and business management are located in Chile, which makes it one of the pioneering companies in the creation of platforms within the DeFi and crypto world in Latin America.

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