CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, March 10, 2023, Novus Newswire. — SoloInsight, a leading digital enabler, specializing in cyber-physical identity convergence, today announced their partnership with WaveLynx technologies to offer employee badge in Apple Wallet. WaveLynx is a leading global provider of employee badge in Apple Wallet, recently announcing their support for the solution earlier this year.

“By integrating employee badges in Apple Wallet with our CloudGate platform, we’re empowering businesses to take their security to the next level. By partnering with WaveLynx, we’re driving interoperability and simplifying access control systems to offer businesses a complete security solution. The future of access control is here, and it’s in the palm of your hand.” – Farhan Masood, President, Soloinsight

SoloInsight’s CloudGate platform combined with employee badge in Apple Wallet powered by WaveLynx gives customers a comprehensive NFC Wallet solution that includes cyber, logical and physical security, all while utilizing their iPhone or Apple Watch.

CloudGate Workplace Automation enables organizations to handle the full spectrum of identity lifecycle management in the workplace, covering employees, contractors, visitors, vendors, and tenants. This encompasses a range of workflows, including but not limited to check-ins, onboarding, credential issuance and distribution, off-boarding, transfers, invites, dispatch, travel, self-service, work orders, and emergency management.

With WaveLynx, customers have more choice, more flexibility and more freedom to choose the access solution that fits their needs now and in the future. The interoperability of their platform combined with their ability to migrate customers at their own pace and on their own time is what sets them apart.

“When choosing WaveLynx, customers have greater freedom to modernize their authentication technology for any end point, any system and any business. We are excited about the opportunity to expand those capabilities through SoloInsight to truly give customers choice with their access control software solutions, all while utilizing employee badge in Apple Wallet.” – Rob Lyidc, President, WaveLynx

Adoption of employee badge in Apple Wallet with SoloInsight and WaveLynx provides customers the ease of adoption with all of the leading access control software manufacturers in the world. If you’d like more information on how you can implement employee badge in Apple Wallet at your facility, please contact either SoloInsight ( or WaveLynx ( today.

About SoloInsight:

Soloinsight was founded in 2014 on the driving principles of automation and security, to improve operational efficiencies. Over the last few years, it has grown into a leading platform adopted by a wide range of organizations, including commercial real estate portfolios, leading hospital chains to Fortune 100 enterprises.

CloudGate is a mobile-first workflow automation platform that unifies all workplace amenities into a seamless smart building experience by converging the Physical Security, Facilities, HR and IT infrastructures. CloudGate offers a variety of workplace solutions, including managing visitors and deliveries, booking desks, meeting rooms, parking spaces and assets, as well as automating access control to doors, turnstiles, and elevators based on company policies. It also provides safety and emergency measures and a seamless mobile experience for hybrid teams. CloudGate integrates with hundreds of out-of-the-box solutions to make returning to work safer and easier.

About WaveLynx:

WaveLynx was founded in 2013 on the belief that simplicity and flexibility are the best path forward to simplify the integration of legacy, current and future technologies. We provide an open and secure access control platform that allows businesses to modernize authentication technology at the pace and path that is right for them.

We believe that credentials should seamlessly integrate into your workflows, that key management should be simpler to administer, and that migration should be at the pace and path that is right for your business. Our reader and credential solutions free businesses from the constraints of proprietary access control systems through flexibility, choice and control. With WaveLynx, customers have greater freedom to modernize their authentication technology for any end point, any system and any business.

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